ADEPT Decisions

ADEPT Decisions Engine

ADEPT™ Decisions combines a highly flexible decisioning solution with Software as a Service (SaaS), to manage best-practice champion/challenger credit risk strategies that will continually test, learn and maximise the profits of clients’ portfolios.

What is a Decision Engine?

Software as a Service

Data Security

ADEPT Decisions uses best practice industry standard data security protocols

Capex Reduction

No need to provision expensive design and runtime servers and surrounding infrastructure

Multi Tenant

True multi tenant solution with subscriber data stored in separate silos – no overlap of data or strategies

Seamless Upgrades

Users always have access to the latest version of the software, without any integration or deployment costs


Processing capacity scales automatically with demand. No wasted resources

Value for Money

Modular solution for maximum flexibility and cost saving – value for money menu approach

ADEPT Decisions Management Areas

ADEPT™ Decisions provides end to end management of the entire consumer life cycle. From booking applications, to managing existing customers, and maximising collections, limits and spend. This all occurs within a champion/challenger testing environment, securely hosted in the cloud.

ADEPT Decisions Platform

ADEPT Decisions Features


Core ADEPT™ Decision Engine with 15+ years’ continuous development


Covers entire end-to-end credit life cycle – 12 management areas – full solution

Alternative Data

Enabled for telco, alternative data and machine learning techniques to maximise predictive models


Uses best practice industry standards in data integration and security – API driven 3-4 months projects


Fully client configurable decisioning – highly parameterised – puts the risk team in the driver’s seat


Modular solution for maximum flexibility and cost saving – clients only pay for what they use

ADEPT Decisions Client Benefits

ADEPT™ Decisions provides a wide range of unique benefits to clients:

ADEPT Decisions Platform Client Benefits

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