Direct Marketing

ADEPT Decisions Engine

ADEPT™ Decisions combines a highly flexible decisioning solution with Software as a Service (SaaS), to manage best-practice champion/challenger direct marketing strategies that will continually test, learn and maximise the profits of clients’ marketing campaigns.

Direct Marketing Use Cases

Personal Loans

Market relevant offers to customers, addressing their loan amount, repayment term and affordability needs

Credit Cards

Present balance transfer offers to new customers, and extend relationships with loan customers

Short Term Insurance

Undercut competitor pricing to attract new prospects, and grow product holdings for existing customers

Motor Insurance

Market to identified new vehicle finance customers. Target annual renewal periods for attracting new customers

Telco Contracts

Migrate pre-paid customers to appropriate contracts, and cross-sell add-on services, second lines etc.

Funeral Insurance

Offer the correct funeral insurance product to new credit customers, and as an add-on to short term insurance products

Direct Marketing Features


Select appropriate channels for marketing activity for each prospect – call, SMS and/or email

API Integration

Automated API integration enables the seamless feeding of fulfillment channels

Multi-Dimensional Modelling

Selections driven by a combination of risk and response outcomes

Call Centre Integration

Supports multiple call centres, enabling the testing and comparison of both in-house and external capabilities


Run multiple strategies to test and learn response rates and take-up based on a variety of approaches

Performance Analysis and Reporting

Full end-to-end reporting on campaign performance, with outcomes data fed directly into model tuning and redevelopment

Direct Marketing Client Benefits

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