Season’s Greetings

December, 2021

Wherever you may find yourself at this time of the year, all of us at ADEPT Decisions wish you Season’s Greetings – to you and your family. May you, your family and your business thrive in the year to come. Stay happy. Stay healthy.

Mobile Lending in Africa – Part 1

December, 2021

The rise of mobile lending and mobile wallets in Africa – Part 1

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning – What’s the difference?

November, 2021

A plethora of sometimes confusing terms related to Data Science are currently being bandied around. It seems that almost every other person working in analytics calls themselves a Data Scientist, waxing lyrical about features and targets, NumPy, pandas, pickles and, if you are really (un)lucky, beautiful soup. For those of us who are not actually […]

How to grow and secure your customer base under the new POPIA regulations – Part 2

November, 2021

Optimising Existing Customers Article 1 in this series focused on new customers acquisition within the context of the new POPIA/GDPR regulations. This second article addresses how companies should optimise their marketing strategies for their existing customers. In my experience as a marketer, I have realised that most companies have one specific problem in common. They […]

How to grow and secure your customer base under the new POPIA regulations – Part 1

October, 2021

New Customers Acquisition The creation of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in South Africa began as early as 2013 but it took a long time to formulate.  One of the many reasons that it took so long to finalise was the question whether the South African government would be required to comply with […]

Digital Originations in under 60 days?

October, 2021

In this Webinar, Jarrod McElhinney of ADEPT™ Decisions and Michele Tucci of credolab discuss digital originations, and how organisations can introduce a complete digital originations platform within a 60 day period. Watch the webinar replay here:

Why is end-to-end decisioning so important?

October, 2021

Most lenders are now placing a greater emphasis and budgets on advanced analytics platforms and resources. This makes sense, as all market have become increasingly competitive, and so the ability to fine tune and rework predictive models is an important part of retaining competitive advantage. The most frequently heard buzzwords in the credit industry over […]

5 Traits of Rapid, Responsible Mobile Lending

September, 2021

It has been estimated that less than 40% of banks were able to lend to customers and onboardnew accounts through digital channels before the pandemic. But that number quickly rose to over50% six months into the crisis. While the shift to digital was already underway before the crisis forced financial institutions to turbo charge digital […]