ADEPT Decisions Releases Version 8.0

ADEPT Decisions has released version 8.0 of the award winning decisioning software today.

Stephen John Leonard, Founder of the company noted “We are very proud to unveil this new release of the ADEPT Decisions decisioning software. This is the next major release since the end of the pandemic in 2022 and signifies a new era. ADEPT Decisions follows an iterative approach to software development, with continuous deployments into our cloud environment. We release major updates to the software on an annual basis and are particularly proud of Version 8.0, as it was developed and configured during difficult circumstances.”

Eva Neves, COO adds “In Version 8.0 of the ADEPT Decisions solution, we have focused our efforts on versioning of releases. This provides greater flexibility and security for subscribers when managing historical versions of the decisioning configuration, both in the design time and when releasing into a runtime environment.”

ADEPT Decisions Version 8.0

A brief summary of the changes are as follows:

  • Created the ability for users to choose whether a new release should be assigned as a new major or minor version. This enables credit risk managers to group changes of a similar nature together, within the same major version.
  • Added additional steps to the release process, which enable the credit analyst to see all aspects of the release, and which runtime environment into which they are releasing. This culminates with a checking step, where the user is prompted to confirm that all changes have been validated and checked before releasing.
  • Added the ability to restore an older version of the configuration to be the latest version (both major and minor). This functionality was requested by our clients, as it enables them to roll back releases, and move forward from a previous version, breaking the chain of changes that have been made since.

Jarrod McElhinney, Head of Client Services adds: “This set of changes provides greater flexibility to our subscribers. Going forward they will have no limitations in their versioning of strategies. At the same time, security has been improved by a requirement for the user to both select the runtime into which they are releasing (the system no longer defaults) and confirm that the configuration has been thoroughly tested and reviewed before releasing to the target runtime environment.”

Jason Kretzmann, Chief Architect at ADEPT Decisions adds: “Our cloud environment continues to deliver reliability and performance through a combination of innovative technology, robust infrastructure, and expert management. We have leveraged the latest platform services to ensure that our offering is fast, secure, and scalable. Additionally, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure that any issues are identified and resolved quickly, ensuring maximum uptime. This commitment to reliability and performance has earned us the trust of our subscribers.

 Looking ahead to the second half of 2023 and beyond, we will be providing more seamless integration with machine learning and AI toolsets, which allow our users to leverage the power of these technologies to gain deeper insights and drive better decision-making. Machine learning and AI are rapidly evolving fields, and we recognise the importance of staying at the forefront of these developments.”

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About the Author

Stephen Leonard is the founder of ADEPT Decisions and has held a wide range of roles in the banking and risk industry since 1985.