ADEPT Decisions is a diverse, global and responsible fintech. We are led by our values and strive to disrupt the status quo to enable better decisioning and financial inclusion.

How do we promote fintech disruption?

We level the playing field

Our decision engine and analytics are delivered via a SaaS platform. This enables rapid time to market and decisioning automation for any fintech, big or small.

We promote financial inclusion

Our advanced fintech toolkit enables our clients to easily leverage alternative data and decisioning, which promotes financial inclusion for your customers.

We enable new financial products

Our decision engine automates and simplifies the process to launch a new generation of financial products for the modern consumer.

We integrate with alternative data sources

The ADP Decision Engine easily integrates with new data sources and simplifies the fintech lending process, providing access to credit for unbanked customers.

We have a focus on mobile money

ADEPT Decisions works closely with mobile financial services providers, leveraging the latest cloud-based technologies, such as machine learning and AI, so our clients make better decisions.

We disrupt the status quo

We disrupt the status quo in the lending industry by providing fintechs with decisioning software and advanced analytics to improve ethical lending practices.

A better future

We know that making more accurate decisions and better managing access to credit enables our clients to build and maintain trust.

We provide the fintech lending toolkit and services that make better decisions and continually monitor the credit risk of clients’ portfolios.

Access to credit is a key driver in economic financial inclusion. It is essential to building shared prosperity and eradicating poverty.

We are proud to be a part of the financial inclusion initiative, providing our decision engine, analytics and consulting services in frontier markets.

What clients are saying

“The ADEPT Decisions technical and consulting teams were extremely professional and stuck to the project deadlines.”
Darin Kent

Head of Credit Risk, HomeChoice


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