With over 10 years of decision engine innovation and over 5 billion decisions generated across a wide range of credit products, we have proven that our success becomes our clients’ success.

Who we are

We disrupt the status quo in the lending industry by providing fintechs with customer decisioning, credit risk consulting and advanced analytics to level the playing field, promote financial inclusion and support a new generation of financial products.

Why we are different

Our experts provide a fintech toolkit which includes decision engine software and analytical solutions to automate and simplify your lending process. Our flexible toolkit services are accessible by all lenders and supports all lending products through a mature cloud SaaS offering with rapid, no-code integrations.

What we do

We provide a feature rich, robust and flexible SaaS lending toolkit to fintech clients. Read more about our decision engine which provides our clients with affordable decisioning solutions.

Case Studies

South African Telco

The ADEPT Decisions Platform was chosen as the replacement decision engine for all consumer credit applications at a leading South African mobile network operator. The ADP Decision Engine replaced legacy systems that had been deemed inflexible and no longer fit for purpose.

As part of the integration project, ADEPT Decisions migrated 20+ years of accumulated credit decisioning policies and rules from the old code-based system into our no-code configurable environment. As part of the engagement we added increased flexibility and A/B testing capabilities to each component.

The ADP Decision Engine is now governing all credit decisioning for new customers, upgrades and contract additions for existing customers. Since going live, the client’s credit risk team has been able to rapidly implement new scorecards and launch new products. In addition, they develop new and more profitable champion-challenger strategies faster and with no intervention required from the internal IT team.

“…faster and with no intervention required from the internal IT team”

Pan African Retailer

This retailer approached ADEPT Decisions as they were looking for a single decision engine that could cover the entire credit life cycle for all their credit products. Growth had been limited in the credit portfolio due to the legacy system’s inability to support A/B testing and what-if analysis. Previously, all strategy changes had to be applied across the entire credit portfolio, making it impossible to quantify the impact of credit risk strategy changes.

“…enabled the business to leap forward in their credit assessment and management capabilities”

A further challenge facing this client was that they operated two distinct businesses under one umbrella – a household retail business and a personal finance business. The businesses operated on entirely independent technology stacks and used completely different new accounts application channels and credit risk decisioning processes.

ADEPT Decisions configured decisioning solutions for both business units, catering to the diverse requirements of each operation. Both divisions were provided with decision engine capabilities to analyse strategy performance and run out of the box A/B testing. The ADP Decision Engine enabled the business to leap forward in their credit assessment and risk management capabilities, with multiple champion-challenger strategy revisions being considered and evaluated at a time.

Pan African Telco

This telco required a robust and cloud-based decision engine for managing mobile wallet credit applications across 16 countries. Each of these countries operate as an independent business, thus different strategy and scorecard configurations were required for each operating company.

To provide maximum flexibility, we configured the solution in such a way that the application request is routed into the ADP Decision Engine from the customer’s mobile device with minimal information attached. The ADEPT Decisions Platform integrates with the customer information repository for each operating company to retrieve credit decisioning information for the customer.

By creating each company as an independent subscriber to the system, strategies and scorecards are separated, enabling authorised users to log into specific configurations that they control. By keeping the template for each of the subscribers aligned, our mobile financial services client can rapidly roll-out decisioning to new countries. This enables operating companies to be rapidly launched as new subscribers in the system with template structures and strategies copied from existing subscribers.

The ADP Decision Engine is highly scalable and is currently processing over 40,000 applications a day from one of the first operating companies, while newer OpCos gradually ramp up their application volumes.

“…the solution is highly scalable and is currently processing over 40,000 applications a day from one of the first operating companies”

Our Team

Our professionals have many years of experience in all aspects of credit risk management, combining industry expertise with a deep understanding of what constitutes global best practice.

In addition, our team has an established track record of successful implementations of decision engines, advanced analytics, and credit risk strategies at a wide range of clients based all over the world.

We have a diverse team of highly experienced professionals based in multiple global locations:

Our Partners

We have created a team of partners to enhance our fintech lending toolkit for our clients.

What clients are saying

“I would have no hesitation in recommending ADEPT Decisions and the ADP Decision Engine as a solutions partner.”
Andrew Goodrich

General Manager, MTN Group BankTech


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