ADEPT Decisions Platform: a fully managed cloud-native solution for real-time decision making.


The ADEPT Decisions Platform provides a feature-rich experience for our subscribers with our cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS solution. We are hosted securely in the cloud and access to our Design Time is provided by our user-friendly web application interface that can be accessed by our subscribers from anywhere and at any time.

Hybrid Option

We understand your needs when it comes to compliance regarding in-country processing and storage of personal data. We provide a flexible deployment model which allows you to deploy your runtimes in-country or on-premises, without sacrificing all the security, reliability, and consistency of the cloud platform.


Everyone understands that failures can occur. However, our cloud architecture minimises the effects of such failures by providing you with a highly available environment.


We comply to all international industry standards in terms of data transmission, data persistence, multi-tenancy, user access, data loss prevention, monitoring, and reporting.

Latest Technology

You will automatically have access to all the latest core software updates and platform improvements of the cloud solution and never be presented with difficult or expensive upgrade paths.


Security is one of the most important aspects of our architecture. We run architectural risk analysis assessments and penetration tests on our software in the design and deployment phases. Once in production, our SecOps takes over with active monitoring and continuous risk assessment which provides you with peace of mind.

Optimised Cost

Our solution scales with your business needs. From low volumes and complexity to enterprise level volumes and complexity we have got you covered with our efficient and scalable runtime environments. Our SaaS deployment model reduces your reliance on having to maintain and staff your own IT systems.


Quickly design new and manage existing strategies

  • An intuitive role-based web interface is provided to all key stakeholders
  • Visual Designers are provided for key decision components such as rule sets, decision trees, scorecards
  • Monitoring dashboards and reporting are provided on the web interface, with real-time feedback from the runtime environments

Multiple integration options

  • Integrate to virtually any data source
  • Native REST API support
  • Toolkit supports hundreds of data connectors using proprietary protocols

Flexible and Open Process Design

  • Decision Processes contain multiple steps
  • Each step is selected from a toolbox of step types (data integration, API calls, decision component execution, etc.)
  • Turn parts of your process on or off – logic gates are native in the process design

Friction Free Deployment

  • No IT involvement
  • Deployment directly from the design-time environment
  • Easy version control and rollback

Eliminate integration headaches

  • Deployments can be first targeted to your test runtime environment
  • Decision Endpoints are available to integration developers as OpenAPI data contracts
  • APIs can be version controlled making migration to new data contracts a breeze

Automated, secure, and scalable decision execution

  • Decision Endpoints are deployed as RESTful API Endpoints
  • Security is automatically in place on all deployed endpoints
  • Endpoints will scale to changes in demand

What clients are saying

“The degree of value-add provided by the ADEPT Decision Engine team is of high value to our business.”
Andrew Goodrich

General Manager, MTN Group BankTech


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