ADEPT Decisions Platform – Life Cycle Decisions
The ADP Decision Engine provides end-to-end complete customer life cycle decisioning.

Behaviour Scoring Management

  • ANY data item that is contained within the data dictionary is available for use as a characteristic within any scorecard.
  • There is no limit to the number of scores that can be calculated within the Scorecard Editor.
  • Traditional scorecards, regression models and AI models can be added directly into the User Interface or imported from PMML.
  • Business users can also use the Function Editor to generate new characteristics from raw data contained in the data dictionary.

Collections Life Cycle

  • Multiple scorecards
  • Champion/Challenge strategies
  • Digital communications
  • Daily refresh of action plans

Example Behaviour Scorecards

Pre-Delinquency Management

Manage accounts that are
pre-delinquent and/or
over limit

Seamless integration with early-stage collections enables consistent treatment

Enables focus on accounts that are up to date, but at a high risk of becoming delinquent this month

Effective champion/challenger strategies, integrated with digital communications:

  • Prevent accounts rolling into delinquency
  • Reduce bad debt and collections costs
  • Focus on prevention creates significant collections benefits

Delinquency Management

ADP Delinquency Management manages accounts that are:

  • Early-stage delinquent (typically 1-3 cycles)
  • Late-stage delinquent (typically 4+ cycles – charge-off)

Effective champion/challenger collections strategies can use unlimited scorecard types:

  • Behaviour scores
  • Collections scores
  • Credit Bureau scores
  • Payment Projection scores

Full integration with Pre-Delinquency Management provides seamless collections across pre-charge-off accounts

Limits & Pricing Management

Communications Management

Enables the marketing and risk departments to work closely together to maximise customer profitability and proactively reduce attrition/churn

Champion/Challenge multiple strategies

  • Cradle-to-Grave strategies (e.g. new products)
  • Scheduled strategies and CRM communications (e.g. birthday)
  • Loan Top Up (Instalment Loans)
  • Facility increases (Revolving Credit)
  • Spend/Utilisation drives (Revolving Credit)
  • Upgrades (Silver, Gold, Platinum products)
  • Ancillary products (Credit Life cover, Lost card protection etc.)
  • Ad hoc strategies (e.g. new mover)

Utilise multiple scorecard types

  • Attrition
  • Response
  • Behaviour
  • Revenue

Bureaux Management

  • Enables subscribers to champion/challenge different credit bureaux to determine which provides the best data for their portfolio.
  • Subscribers can also use different bureaux for different segments of the population.
  • e.g. younger accounts could be sent to a credit bureau which has the best thin file information.
  • Primary and secondary bureaux can also be assigned, in case the primary bureau is unresponsive, and failover is required.
  • Bureaux Management controls the calls to all bureaux and interprets the return data for use in accounts decisioning.

Typical Benefits of Account Decisions Strategies

The ADEPT Decision Engine will typically deliver these benefits which are beyond what a standard Loan Management System can provide.

A Loan Management System will be able to perform some basic scoring and policy rules setting, but only a decision engine has the true flexibility and functionality to perform complex calculations and make granular assessments which maximise the results of a portfolio by optimising all performance metrics.

The ADEPT Decision Engine components are all integrated to work seamlessly to run sophisticated A/B tests that will maximise your benefits and profitability.

ADEPT Decision Engine Benefits

Decision Engine Benefits

What clients are saying

“Prior to the ADEPT Decision Engine implementation, our credit team required IT development work to make changes. The new solution ticked several boxes in modernising our ability to manage and run the credit strategies:

  • Strong consulting support to assist us in designing a world class solution
  • Modern tech stack that is scalable
  • Placing the credit strategies into the credit risk teams hands
  • Document and version control the acquisition and account management process

The ADEPT Decisions technical and consulting team was extremely professional and stuck to the project deadlines. The system has delivered exactly what was promised.”

Darin Kent

Head of Credit Risk, HomeChoice


What clients are saying

From the moment we contracted, and the project was formalised, the ADEPT Decisions team were 100% engaged in ensuring that the integration requirements were considered, that our internal teams were aligned, our technical requirements validated and that our credit management requirements, both from an originations and account management perspective, were catered for – both in the immediate term as well as strategically based on the planned evolution thereof.

Conclusion – a well-aligned, highly configurable and fit for purpose solution driven and supported by an exceptionally professional, diligent, experienced and engaged team. Definitely a no-brainer and I would recommend no other solution, especially in this evolving digital/cloud world we operate.”

Andrew Goodrich

General Manager, MTN Group BankTech


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