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360 decisioning refers to instalment loans, digital lending, BNPL, credit cards, vehicle finance, mobile money, airtime credit, micro & nano loans

360° Decisioning

Manages the entire customer life cycle

Customer life cycle - ADEPT Decisions

360° Decisioning

Strengthens multiple use cases


Conversion of large amounts of disparate data into meaningful information for the generation of intelligent decisions

Airtime Credit

Using non-traditional credit data to predict repayment, spend and renewal performance to maximise and stabilise airtime revenues


Strongly predictive risk, affordability and KYC fraud prevention to ensure lenders minimise losses and maximise revenues

Micro & Nano Lending

Ultra short-term loan decisioning. Extremely high-volume processing, with complex components which need to be 100% automated

Personal Loans

The next evolution in personal loan decisioning. Designed to optimise an applicant’s loan amount, repayment term and pricing terms and conditions

SME Loans

Assessment of affordability based on small business turnover, overlaid with predictive internal and external data on the principal of the business

360° Decisioning

Established track record

Track Record - ADEPT Decisions

360° Decisioning

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We provide our 360° decisioning and direct marketing services to 35+ clients. The wide range of industries, use cases and client types highlight the flexibility of our solutions.

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