GulfScore: The first Decision Engine designed specifically for the Middle East region.

Gulfscore Decision Engine

What is GulfScore?

GulfScore is the first Decision Engine designed specifically for the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. This customised release of the ADEPT Decisions decisioning the first truly region-specific Decision Engine for the GCC and MENA markets.

GulfScore will enable banks and lenders to maximise their decisioning strategies, all within a MENA context. GulfScore signifies a new era in decisioning in the Middle East and addresses the unique requirements of the region.

The bespoke GulfScore Decision Engine provides greater flexibility and security for subscribers, as well as addressing shortcomings found in other decision engine offerings.

GulfScore Benefits

The GulfScore Decision Engine is specifically tailored for the GCC and MENA markets and delivers a lot of benefits to lenders in the region:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • High ROI
  • Maximises lenders’ profitability across all of their products.

GulfScore Customisations

A brief summary of the many GulfScore customisations includes:

Strict data sovereignty requirements

are fully addressed by provisioning the native cloud GulfScore within in-country cloud environments. This addresses all cloud compliance requirements.

Two-step credit bureau calls

including a pre-bureau and a post bureau API call. This eliminates the need for PII information and addresses Data Privacy concerns.

Expanded fraud policy rules

with the addition of information from internal and external fraud lists within our APIs.

Pre-configured best practice

templates have been created to increase speed to market with best-of-breed strategies adapted to the GCC region.

Expert in-region pre-sales

and post-sales support and consulting to ensure that the benefits of the GulfScore Decision Engine are maximised.

Rapid deployment in the cloud

in a truly multi-tenant set-up, minimising the need for additional hardware, software and data centre resources and vastly reduced total cost of ownership.

GulfScore Support

As part of this exciting initiative to develop the first Gulf-specific Decision Engine to the region, we have also teamed up with Read Associates, to provide support to the banks and lenders in the MENA region.

Ian Read, the founder of Read Associates, a UAE based consultancy, is a long-term veteran of the Middle East banking technology and analytics industry and is a perfect fit for the GulfScore support requirements.

What clients are saying

“As lenders in this region undertake digitalisation, the need for a highly flexible decisioning solution has never been greater. GulfScore combines best in class credit decisioning technology with functionality tailored for the needs and region-specific credit processes of the Middle East.”
Ian Read 

Founder, Read Associates LLC


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