ADEPT Decisions Platform – Improved and accelerated system integrator experience

The ADEPT Decisions Platform provides you with the ability to easily publish and manage your own flexible and secure RESTful APIs, which system integrators can then easily use for decision-making in composite applications.

Designed for Flexibility

Empower your business to evolve and grow with our highly customizable and configurable APIs. Our API delivery framework is designed to allow you to adapt to the changing pace of your business, giving you the flexibility you need to stay ahead of the curve. With the ability to easily configure and customize our APIs, you can quickly and seamlessly integrate with new systems, automate processes, access real-time data, or integrate with other systems.

Don’t be held back by outdated and rigid technology, choose the ADEPT Decisions Platform and give your business the power to stay ahead of the competition.

Designed for Performance

  • Kubernetes Horizontal Scaling allows for scaling up and down of runtime instances in response to time scale demand metrics.
  • Managed Kubernetes will automatically scale the number of pods and thereafter the underlying compute nodes available to the runtimes.
Asynchronous Operation

APIs can be configured for either synchronous or asynchronous operation. For asynchronous operation, API callers can fire and forget, and can rest assured that the data passed into the call is valid and will be processed. This mode of operation is used for high volume processing, where many calls are made in a short period of time without the caller having to wait for the response. The ADEPT Decisions Platform asynchronous process will then process and store the results asynchronously. Usually, this is in the form of a queue or data store.

Designed for High Availability

  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployment across availability zones provides for high availability
  • If one availability zone goes down, the other zone is configured to take the load and pods will be scaled up in the active zone
  • Managed database instances are also deployed in HA mode across availability zones and operate in the same manner

Designed for Security

  • Managed cloud environment provides security features to the application layers
  • Application is hosted within a private subnet with NAT gateways
  • Network firewalls can prevent access from the public internet
  • Intrusion detection can be provided by Threat Intelligence on the firewall, configured to ‘alert and deny’ for malicious network traffic
  • Dedicated network connectivity can be set up to the subscriber’s site – either on premises or on-cloud services

In terms of API security, all API calls are authenticated by using the Client Credentials Flow (defined in OAuth 2.0 RFC 6749), in which they pass along their Client ID and Client Secret to authenticate themselves and get a token from an authorisation server. This token is then passed along with calls to the API.

API authorisation is performed using a third-party Identify Provider (IDP) authorisation server. All communication is strictly over HTTPS. Your subscriber client identity is resolved via the token and not through any parameters passed with the calls, ensuring all subscriber’s API calls are separate and no subscriber can impersonate another. In addition, each API client can be associated with specific API endpoints, ensuring that each client application that requires decisioning only has access to what has been provisioned for it.

What clients are saying

“The ADEPT Decision Engine is a well-aligned, highly configurable solution, driven and supported by an exceptionally professional, diligent, experienced and engaged team. A no-brainer and I would recommend no other solution.”
Andrew Goodrich

General Manager, MTN Group BankTech


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