ADEPT Decisions combines highly configurable decisioning software with machine learning models, to manage best practice A/B testing of credit risk strategies that will continually test, learn and optimise clients’ portfolios

What is ADEPT Decisions?

Why do you need a dedicated Decision Engine?

Determining appropriate lending amounts and loan terms across the applicant base is the core principle of any credit granting organisation. For modern lenders, this assessment needs to be scientific, constantly evolving, and under the control of the business.

The success of the FinTech business rests in the ability to identify appropriate customers and provide them with the products and services that they need.

A Decision Engine enables business users to implement and manage all aspects of the lenders credit strategy. A Decision Engine comes equipped with a large variety of tools which enable users to drive the core competencies of the FinTech business.

Using a variety of advanced scorecard types, complex mathematical calculations to determine disposable income and affordability, and simultaneous deployment of multiple competing strategies, a modern decision engine is crucial to the success of any credit granting organisation.

Satisfied Clients

“Prior to the ADEPT Decisions implementation, the credit team required IT development work to make changes. The new modernised our ability to manage and run the credit strategies”
Darin Kent

Head of Credit Risk, HomeChoice


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