This retailer approached us when they were looking for a single decisioning environment that would cover the entire credit life cycle for all of their credit products. Growth had been limited in the credit portfolio due to the legacy systems inability to support A/B testing and what-if analysis. Previously, all strategic changes had to be applied across the entire portfolio, making it impossible to quantify their impact.

A further challenge facing this client was that they operated two distinct businesses under one umbrella – a household retail business and a personal finance business. The businesses operated on entirely independent technology stacks and used completely different applications channels and decisioning processes.

ADEPT Decisions developed decisioning solutions for both business units, catering to the nuances of each operation. Both were provided with tools to analyse strategy performance and out of the box A/B Testing capability. These tools have enabled the business to leap forward in their credit assessment and management capabilities, with multiple strategy revisions being considered and evaluated at a time.