This telco required a robust and cloud-based decision engine for managing mobile wallet credit applications across 16 countries. Each of these countries operate as an independent business, thus independent strategy and scorecard configurations were needed for each operating company (OpCo).

In order to provide maximum flexibility, we designed and implemented the solution in such a way that the application request is routed into ADEPT Decisions from the customer’s mobile device with minimal information attached. ADEPT Decisions then uses an API call to retrieve information on the customer from the customer information repository for that OpCo.

By creating each OpCo as an independent subscriber to the system, strategies and scorecards are kept separate, enabling authorised users to log into specific configurations that they control. By keeping the template for each subscriber aligned, our client can rapidly roll-out decisioning to new countries. This enables new OpCos to be launched on a monthly basis with template structures and strategies copied from existing subscribers.

The ADEPT Decisions solution is highly scalable and is currently processing over 20,000 applications a day from one of the first OpCos to go live, while newer OpCos gradually ramp up their application volumes.